CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used to extinguisher class B Fire risk. Carbon dioxide is used as extinguishing media in this cylinder. Property of carbon dioxide as follows:
Purity, percent (v/v),
Min Water content, percent (m/m),
Max Oil content, ppm by mass,
Max Total sulfur compounds content,
Expressed as sulfur, ppm by mass,

Max Carbon dioxide obtained by converting dry ice to liquid will not usually; comply with these requirements unless it has been properly processed to remove excess water and oil. Specification of this extinguisher as follows- it is available in capacity of portable fire extinguisher 2kg, 3kg, 4.5kg, 9kg and wheeled type fire extinguisher 22kg. It is used to fight against electrical short circuit fire. It is tested with the following standard- The test is done on wood and frame-level on the surface all are placed on the surface and igniting torch to the center of the fuel bed. Allow the fire to spread an estimated 25 percent of the fuel is burning or the fire covers 50 percent of the fuel bed surface. The extinguisher may then be discharged onto the fire at the operators' discretion continuously according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After the discharge is completed allow the fire bed to remain undisturbed for the time recommended for 60 min. Examine the fuel bed and check that the fire is completely extinguished and that more than 10 percent of the original metal fuel remains. A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher cylinder is approved by the highly explosive department of the Indian government and approved standard.

Carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher available in 2 kg 3 kg and 4.5 kg cylinder is made from Ms Material fire rating of carbon dioxide. Fire extinguisher as per capacity as follows:
• 2kg Fire extinguisher having a capacity of fire rating 8b according to IS 15683
• 3 kg carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher having a fire rating of 13b and
• 4.5 kg cylinder having 21b.

Temperature range of operating carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher is minus 20 degrees Celsius to + 55 degrees Celsius. The discharge time of Fire extinguisher is more than 8 second and the difference is more than one meter for 2 kg. Fire extinguisher more than 2 kilometer War 2 kg Fire extinguisher more than 2 meter for every Fire extinguisher test pressure of Fire extinguisher is 250 Bar full range of fire extinguisher spare parts is available supplied with wall bracket. Higher capacity carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher is available in 6.5 kg 9 kg and 22.5 kg as per IS standard 2878 minimum Jet length is 8 and 10 meters. The discharge percentage of this extinguisher is 95% discharge time of this extinguisher is as follows. 30 seconds, 36 second and 60-second cylinder pressure range 250 extinguisher media CO2 gas

CO2 Fire Extinguisher
CO2 Fire Extinguisher