DCP Fire Extinguisher

DCP powder type extinguisher also known as BC stored pressure and cartridge type Fire extinguisher. It is available in 4 kg 6 kg and 9 kg portable Fire extinguisher, ISI marked with a 1-year warranty for safe use electrical equipment squeeze grip operations and fully refillable control discharge and supply to the wall bracket for material used for cylinder mild steel material.
Extinguisher is used powder for extinguishing class B and C. The Fire rating of 4 kg Extinguisher is 34b and 6 kg is 55b and 49 kg 1889b. The discharge time is more than 13-second pressure. The test pressure is 35 bars. Excellent media is nitrogen; discharge range is more than 02 meter.
This model is designed to extinguish the C type fire involving material like petrochemical paint, Regsins pigments, varnish gases in the compressed form like acetylene LPG CNG and oxygen.
Higher capacity DCP fire extinguishers are designed for use safety purpose capacity as follows 25kg, 50kg and 75 kg approved standard for IS 10658.
Jet length of 25 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 6 meters.
Jet length of 50 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 8 meters.
Jet length of 75 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 10 meters.
The discharge time of 25 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 25 Seconds.
The discharge time of 50 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 40 Seconds.
The discharge time of 75 kg dcp type fire extinguisher is having 50 Seconds.
Charge pressure 14 kg/cm2, fire extinguisher cylinder IS 10658 approved.
The test pressure of this extinguisher is 30 BAR, Extinguish media of this extinguisher Dry Powder as per IS 14609 and IS 4308. Excellent media CO2, The sample of dry powder for testing shall be drawn in such a manner that it represents the entire strata of powder from any container and shall be tested for properties mentioned in the following clauses.
Test on DCP Powder
Water Repellency Test-Procedure Dry powder weighing 50 g shall be placed in a tared that is clean dry and weighed beaker and gradually filled with 50 ml of distilled water. After 2 min, the dry powder and the water from the beaker shall be gently poured out and the beaker with wet powder, if any sticking to the beaker. Dried in an oven at 60°C for 2 h and then cooled in desiccators containing anhydrous calcium chloride for I h. The beaker shall then be weighed and the weight of dry residue calculated. The increase in the weight of the beaker due to powder residue sticking to the beaker shall not exceed 0.75 g that is 1.5 percent.

DCP Fire Extinguisher
DCP Fire Extinguishe