Electrical Safety Hand Gloves

Electrical safety hand gloves are used for safety against live electricity. When works going on in industries and sub-station of electrical power. Protection against used shock is used. Because any can protect form live current when we are not taken any precaution gloves are used in industries as per current rating and working voltage. According to that, it having types and classes.
Technical Data of Electrical gloves - Colour : OFF – WHITE, Weight : APPROX. 310 - 450 GMS, Palm Size : 10"", Length : 380 mm / 360 mm, Seamless rubber insulated type.

Applications:- Used for working in Electrical Works within the specified limits indicated on the bag & on each and every glove and outer bag.
Testing: Each and every glove is tested for proof voltage in the in-house laboratory. The certificate for the batch of 100 pairs will be provided. Tested at ERDA - BARODA (GOVT. RECOGNOSIED). Tested at CLI - SION (GOVT. RECOGNISED).

As per IS 4770:1991 Standard please find technical data as above.
Type, working Potential, Testing Potential
Type 1 650 V 5000 V
Type 2 1100 V 10000 V
Type 3 7500 V 17000 V
Type 4 17000 V 25000 V

As per IS 13774 Standard please find technical data as above.
Type, Testing Potential, working Potential
Class 00 2500V 500V
Class 0 5000V 1000V
Class 1 1000V 7500V
Class 2 2000V 17000V
Class 3 3000V 26500v
Class 4 4000V 36000V
All standard and data should be given for uses purpose and information. Using this information we can use appropriate gloves for application purpose. Due to that information chances of an accident is having due electrical current is minimizes and safe lives of people as well as the wealth of people. Using false equipment without knowledge can increase the chances of accident and losses of human life.
According to stand and data if the working voltage is 650voltage need to be select type one glove as per IS 4770 and as per 13774 need to select class 00 electrical hand gloves. Both standards having its specification make it different. Standard is set according to voltage frequency and its current carrying capacity of voltage. In different generation unit having its own frequency and changes are as per location to location and industrial application of current and voltage.
Electrical hand gloves are very good safety equipment for who work in live electrical lines, machinery. It's designed basically for the worker who works in the maintenance department. Electrician, wiremen and electrical engineers in India having an accident are due to no use of electrical safety gloves when working online current. Accidents make a long effect on the social environment s and family of the worker who works in those industries.

Electrical Safety Hand Gloves
Electrical Safety Hand Gloves