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Surveillance and monitoring are key for secure office premises:

Any organization that has a prime responsibility to protect its employees, visitors, assets and premises should scrutinize it under secure surveillance. Many businesses of modern days are thus seeking affordable and innovative monitoring and surveillance options that help deliver a rapid response to incidences of crime and emergencies. Electronic security and video surveillance offer a complete security plan for any premises and AGS technologies offer the most cost-effective and state of the art solution for such security questions. Some important products in line are listed here


The CCTV surveillance cameras help keep the premises secure under the scrutiny of surveillance cameras and feature a recording system that functions for 6 months or more. They facilitate remote viewing as well with the help of mobile phones and internet. We are pioneers in setting up audit system for business based on video surveillance. For those who are not happy with CCTV surveillance, we could help with IP camera with enhanced resolution to answer the problem.

Burglar alarm system:

This is an important fraternity for financial institutions and businesses and helps detect unauthorized entry to premises. This system detects intruder with the help of siren and flash lights and informs the owner through phones, sms and email alerts.

Time attendance and access control:

This helps to check employee in and out time and offers reports on attendance on daily and weekly duration. Reports on effective working hours, absenteeism, late coming and early going could be recorded with this method.

Guard monitoring systems:

Helps best to monitor guards working in shifts especially at the night time and monitors their work seriously.

Electric fences:

These are important tools that help protect premises from forceful intrusion of strangers. It also helps keeps animals at bay entering into the premises. These power fences are been designed by us based on the BIS standard and offer signals to the owner through siren alert.

We should not wait for tragic situations to occur to take any precautionary measures. Take help from our range of security and surveillance measures to keep your assets safe and secure, check our website to take help from our services instantly.

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