Face Shield

Wearing a full face shield allows you to protect your eyes, as well as the rest of your face. Proper eye and face protection prevents serious damage for workers in the construction industry. Face injuries can have severe consequences, leaving permanent damage.
Welding face shield designed to worn with helmet flip flop type window with clear glass as per en standard with clear lenses sizes 1 by 4 in and 3 by 4 inch.
6 PAV facial face shield are design for welding purpose design to worn with flip flop type front window clear glasses as per safety standard the filter lenses and clear lenses are provided for comfort and safety purpose.
6 PS3 Face Shield for welding is attached with any standard helmet Flip-flop type window are provided for better safety and comfort.
38B face shield is made from blue polycarbonate material thickness of glass 2 mm. it protects against high impact 120 metres per second at extreme temperature penetration, a splash of liquid and heat. 99.9 % UV Protection Best optical quality highest ranking at the test of spherical refractive power, astigmatic refractive power prismatic reflective power and light diffusion compliance with European standard and American standard.
38c face shield is made from clear polycarbonate glass thickness 2 mm protection against high-speed impact 120 metres per second at extreme temperature flash of liquid. 99.9 percent UV protection best optical quality compliance with American standard and standard.
48 AC face shield are made from clear polycarbonate material 1 mm thickness 99.9 perfect UV protections best optical quality protective film on both side prevent and scratches during transportation. Compliance with all safety standards.
48G Welding face shield made from dark green polycarbonate material sizes 8 in and 15 thickness of glass 1 mm protection against welding fumes and welding light application areas gas welding Karbonn welding industries. Protective films on both side ages potato with aluminium beading for easy adjustment to face counter complies with all safety standards.
Clear PVC face shield-Made from PVC material thickness of glass 1 mm 99% UV protective ages fitted with aluminium beading.
Face-Shield Carrier-Face shield carrier used for to contact with helmet of face shield glass material used for manufacture shield carrier engineering plastics black colour fitted with regular safety helmet series.
Aluminium face shield career- Constructed from aluminium material. It is simple to connect safety helmet with a spring tension system and does not interfere with the use of helmet-mounted earplug it is designed to use heat area.
Ratchet type face shield carrier- Made from high impact resistance polymer available in orange colour. Feature of carries as follows flip-up and ratchet type adjustment, large cove area for users forehead, providing full protection, complied with CE, EN166, ANSI Z87, CSA Z94.3
FC 38 Face shield – material used for manufacture is aluminium steel colour fit with FC series face shield.
FC100 face shield carrier – light in weight design durable nylon construction, face shield carrier for ultra helmets, can accommodate ear muff.

Face Shield
Face Shield