Fall Arrester

Fall arresters are used while works on height work to safe from injuries and death. In the event of fall accident grab the line and stop falling. Fall arresters are also called as grab arrester because its work to grab the line when it shocks of move. It is designed as shock absorber to harness, when some work on height and due to some accident he will fallen and without shock absorber chances of break human bones due to fallen shock to avoid this is designed. It works when it gets shock from attached lanyard and it grabs attached line and stop fallen person. Fall arrestor is locked when it grab the line due to know any chance to move fallen person.
It moves up down freely with anchorage line (line thickness may be vary according to weight and height). It is provided with advanced technologies of locking system against gravity due to that it is unique of all other fall arrestor.
Kern mantle rope anchorage line is used with fall arrester permanently as anchorage line with energy absorbing element. One side loop and other side stop knot are used in anchorage line. Length of anchorage line is available in standard. Material used for fall arrester is stainless steel with high carbon. Aluminum fall arresters are designed with new technologies.
Retractable fall arrester blocks- it basic usage is as same as fall arrester but advantage over the basic rope grab arrester. It easy to use and handling and carry with him no need extra rope carry with him. It has option of length from 2mtr to 15 mtr as per requirement and height of work. We are using this with connector and lanyard to fix in it. Movable lanyard trolley is available with retractable fall arrester block using this you can easily move with support line. No need carry anchorage line and extra lanyard. To avoid fall accident event it is very good option is available in market. No need energy absorption to carry with him. It has inbuilt facility shock absorption facility.
In retractable block having smaller fall distance as compare to energy absorption. It has disk breaking mechanism. Vertical and horizontal uses are easy in condition. It has providing connector hook to connect harness D Ring.
Retractable block have two types with single retractable block and twin retractable block.
Single retractable block comes with single rope facility and double retractable block comes with two ropes facility and some new features of working and holding capacity also increases. Twin retractable block is used in working with tower and scap folding where is no strong support to hang the block.
One new feature is added with retractable block is retrieval system is used in confined spaces to carry person up and down to enter in confined spaces for work. It reduces the cost of coupler and motor to pull out from confined spaces. Using hook connector we can use this in confined spaces. Confined spaces entry is very easy due to that retrieval system in block with breaking system to hold human.

Fall Arrester
Fall Arrester