Fire Extinguisher Refill

If a fire extinguisher is expired need to refill all types of fire extinguisher are refilled as per IS 2190 standard for SELECTION, INSTALLATION, AND MAINTENANCE OF FIRST-AID FIRE EXTINGUISHERS in that given all procedure of fire extinguisher refilling and safety precaution when work is going on. All the work of maintenance, servicing and repairing should be done under a trained person with having the proper type of tools, recharge materials, lubricants and manufacturers recommended replacement parts or parts specially listed for use in the extinguisher. All maintenance schedules are needed to be approved before work is started.

For periodic inspection of extinguishers use the following checklist:

• Fire extinguisher location in a designated place, No obstruction to access or visibility
• Operating instructions of fire extinguisher on nameplate legible and facing outward
• Fire extinguisher Safety seals and tampers indicators not broken or missing
• Fire extinguisher fullness determined by weighing or lifting
• Examination of fire extinguisher for obvious physical damage, corrosion, leakage, or clogged nozzle
• Fire extinguisher Pressure gauge reading or indicator in the operable range or position and Condition of tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle checked (for wheeled units).
• Please take care before of opening of the fire extinguisher for maintenance.
• Please take note there is no residual pressure in any hose and assembly.
• Unscrew cap or valve assembly slowly to allow any residual pressure to escape via the vent holes and do not open till all pressure released, keep away body to avoid injuries.
• Do not depend on pressure gauges and pressure indicating to verify whether the container is full pressure or not as they could malfunction.
• Do not open carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or stored pressure gas cartridge be attempted to be removed under any conditions.
• Attempting to remove any parts of pressured fire extinguisher can injure.

Following procedure quarterly inspection of fire-

• Clean exterior of fire extinguisher, polish and painted portion with wax polish.
• Check nozzle outlet clean threaded portion of the cap for clogging and check that the plunger is clean and moving freely.
• Make sure fire extinguisher is in proper condition washer is intact.
• Check all components fire extinguisher in good condition as per standard and given checklist.

Recharging of all rechargeable extinguishers after use or indicated time period extinguisher which is out of service for maintenance replace extinguisher in that place. The amount of recharge verifies by weighting. In maintenance time following tests is carried on the fire extinguisher. HPT test also known as hydraulic pressure test cylinder is tested 30 kg pressure.