AGS Technologies is one of the leading fire extinguisher manufacturers in Pune, PCMC and fire extinguisher supplier, contractor and dealer in Pune/PCMC, Maharashtra

We at AGS TECHNOLOGIES are one of the leading fire extinguisher manufacturers in Pune/PCMC and fire extinguisher suppliers, contractors and dealers in PCMC, Pune, Maharashtra. Our company fire extinguisher Dealers offer a variety of quality equipment having the capability to extinguish and control the class A and B fires. We are effectively giving great services once deals to our purchasers for the past many years in the safety industry.

Why would you choose our fire extinguisher in Pune/PCMC?

We never compromise in providing the quality products. We offer the premium quality of fire extinguisher installation and refilling facility in Pune Maharashtra. The offered product is manufactured using high grade raw material in compliance with international standards and latest technology. Clients can avail this product with various specifications. We are also offering a best buy Fire Extinguisher at the best price in Pune Maharashtra.

Our company known as the best fire extinguisher manufacturedin Pune supplies these Equipment with perfect designs without any kind of dent or rusts. They are completely pressure tested, easily portable and certified.

We fire extinguisher manufacturers create these Equipment that contain pure compounds of urea potassium bicarbonate, ordinary potassium bicarbonate and potassium chloride base agents. It generally works by separating the kind of fuel used by oxygen or O2.

What is the main purpose of a fire extinguisher?

A fire extinguisher is often used in emergency situations for controlling the fire. It is an active protection device and is a movable apparatus. These Equipment control the damage even in case of major fire. They are easy and simple to use by people as well as children.

They are effective in both class A fires including wood, cloth, etc. and class B fires like alcohol, ether, gasoline, etc. These Equipment are used for the fires that are created through flammable liquids like oil, grease and gasoline. They can also be used in case of fires generated through common combustibles like paper, wood, trash, cloths and plastics.

What is a fire extinguisher? What are its types?

Fire extinguisher is a firefighting or protection equipment that is used to blow out or extinguish small or medium fire in buildings, complexes etc. It includes a hand held cylindrical pressure vessel which consists of fire extinguish agents like chemical, water or foam.

Stored pressure and cartridge operated, these two are the main types of fire extinguisher whereas stored pressure fire extinguisher is commonly used. It can be available in both hand-held and car-mounted or wheel extinguishers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Costs effective
  • Reliable and portable performance
  • Top fire extinguisher manufacturer
  • Compact design
  • Smooth functioning
  • Easy to use


Restaurants, residential buildings, commercial offices, manufacturing units, aerospace industry, warehouses, mining, chemical factories, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, ATM center, server room, marine engines

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