Fire Fighting Installation

Fire fighting installation is a complete fire hydrant, fire sprinkler, above-ground pump room and overhead tank pump room work which involve complete piping welding and installation of various accessories such as hydrant valve, hose pipe, branch pipe, hose reel drum, hose box, main electrical pump, generator pump, stand by pump, jockey pump and booster pump. It also involves commissioning fire alarm system, firefighter’s telephone and talkback system.

Fire fighting installation work needs to be carried out in accordance with various fire fighting standards such as nation-building code, NFPA and local fire authorities. In-state of Maharashtra only designated agency by Maharashtra fire services are allowed to carry on installation and commissioning work for firefighting system.

The various component of fire fighting system is main hydrant line which also called as Yard hydrant line, rising mains, sprinkler system which has upright, pendent and sidewall sprinkler. Main fire fighting consists of a suction line which is connected either to foot vale or sluice valve, then the suction line is connected to the suction side of the main pump, diesel pump, jockey pump, sprinkler pump. These are eventually connected to delivery side. The main room also has an arrangement for pressure gauges and switches to maintain the pressure in the system. Heart of pump room is an electrical control panel. Which control function of the main pump, diesel pump, jockey pump and stand by pump.
While installing a fire fighting system one need to take care of pressure in entire fire fighting system to attain 3.5 kg pressure at the farthest distance there is also a major role of fire fighting engineer to calculate pressure and design fire fighting system. As per the national building code, only c class pipe is to be used in fire fighting system we can use GI and MS pipe but major use GI pipe because he has anti-corrosion property. Fire alarm system is also major component of fire fighting system installation there are two kinds of fire alarm system available in the market.

1. Conventional fire alarm system
2. Addressable fire alarm system

In the addressable fire alarm system a unique address is provided to each device like a smoke detector, heat detector and manual call point, so it easy to find the actual point of a fire event. All components is arranged in a loop and after 20 devices one loop isolator used to isolate other devices from the risk of fire in the event of a fire.
In Conventional fire alarm system devices are addressed by zone in that fire risk shown by zone wise. In the event of fire need to find zone wise.

Fire Fighting Installation
Fire Fighting Installation