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Fire Hydrant system is divided into three main systems:

  • External hydrant system: it’s called a yard ring system material used and the Internal Hydrant system fitted in the building area.
  • GI pipeline class "c" class E.R.W (as per IS:1239 / 3589) Plumbing fittings like sockets, bends, elbows, tees, plugs, nipples, flanges, reducers, Nut Bolts, Dummy, etc.
  • Sizes 150 mm dia, 100mm dia, 80mm dia
  • Butterfly valve of size: 150mm Dia
  • SS Hydrant Valve as per, Type-A Single-headed, 63 mm dia.
  • SS Branch pipe with the nozzle as per IS:903
  • RRL Fire hose pipe 63mm dia x 15 metres long, complete with SS male and female instantaneous coupling.
  • M.S. Hose box to accommodate 1 length of hose pipes of 15 metres long & branch pipe with front open able glass door and glass for key

Pump room equipment used as follows:

Pump Room Equipment - UG

Erection of Horizontal, centrifugal, back pulls out electric driven main fire pump, complete with suitable size electric motor, duly coupled on a common base frame with all required accessories for the following data.


CI Foot Valve Sizes 150 mm dia, 100 mm dia, 80 mm dia, CI Strainer Sizes 150mm Dia, 100mm Dia, 80mm Dia,25mm Dia Ball Valve, Air Release valve with isolation valve of 25mm dia, Pressure Switch, 100mm dial size pressure gauges with all accessories like isolation valve, bush, etc.

Control Panel for fabricated out of 14 SWG CRCA sheets steel, modular construction, floor mounted, front operating type, top and bottom entry for cables.

Cables From control panel to main pump, Jockey pump, pressure switch, from DG control panel to DG pump local panel for controls and battery charger - Input near pump Room to be made available by customer.

PVC, Armoured Aluminium conductor Power cables for Fire Pump Sets along with a required tray Cables for Above Pump