Fire Safety Equipment

Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit used for high-temperature area and maintenance Outer Layer is made out of premium quality Imported aluminized glass fiber fabric, Suit consists of coat, pant, gloves, Hood with helmet fitted inside and fire safety shoes with aluminize layer, Suitable for 500°C radiant heat and 500 to 600°C convection heat. Available in 2 to 4 layers with or without BA set provision. Nomex Fire Suit consists of the outer layer is made of Nomex Fabric; the second layer is of moister barrier & Third layer Thermal Layer. The suite consists of a coat, pants, gloves, hood, firefighter helmet, & firefighter boots. Kevlar Para-Aramid Fire suit-heavy duty Kevlar aramid fiber fabric Outer Layer is made out of 480 GSM with inside woolen lining. Greater flexibility provides a Kevlar suit with cut resistance while working in an intense heat area. Hot Oil/ Steam Two Layer Splash Suit- Made out of coated fabrics, Ideal for protection from hot oil and Hot chemical. Kevlar Aramid Hand Gloves- Kevlar threads heat resistance up to 350 to 450°C Made from Kevlar fabric and stitched. Kevlar Aluminized Hand Gloves-Temperature withstand up to 650 To 700°C Made From 480 GSM Kevlar Fabric on palm and Aluminized Kevlar fabric on thumb and front portion with inside Woolen Heat Resistant lining. Kevlar Leather Hand Gloves-Temperature resistance up to 300-degree Celsius, On palm 480 GSM Kevlar fabric and rest portion leather. Fire Blanket-Made from 100% fiberglass fabric, High temperature resistant up to 500°C, Thickness: 0.4 MM Weight: 430g/m2 Regular Size: 1MTR X 2MTR Aluminized Fire Blanket- Made out of high quality aluminized fiberglass material.

Water Gel blanket-Made of 100% woolen fabric can be used rescuing the person trapped in fire by wrapping in the Blanket Shelf Life five years
• Size : 5ft × 6ft
• Size: 5 ft x 8f
• 6FT X 8 FT
Ceramic Vermiculite Welding Blanket-Ceramic fire welding blanket is coated with vermiculite and re-inforced with SS wires. The blanket is 3MM thick, stitched and seamed with fiberglass tapes on edges. Used at 1260°C at Continuous working temp.
Silicon Coated Blanket- Available in one-sided and both sided coated on glass fabric, Temperature
resistant up to 550 to 800°C, Thickness up to 1.5 mm with brick red or black color.
Graphite Coated fire Blanket- special heat resistant graphite coating on fiberglass cloth, The blanket is supplied in a minimum of 1.2MM thickness, It is stitched with fiberglass tapes on edges.

Fire Safety Equipment
Fire Safety Equipment