Fire Sand Bucket

Fire extinguishers aren't always available, so it's important to understand other ways to place out a fireplace. One technique wont to smother a fireplace involves sand and a bucket. A fire-sand bucket maybe a steel bucket crammed with sand. While this is often a low-tech method of fighting a fireplace, it's usually very effective.

Step 1
Buy a sturdy steel bucket. Stencil the word "FIRE' on both sides; this could keep someone from dumping out the sand and using it for an additional purpose.

Step 2
Fill the bucket with sand. It doesn't matter if it's dry or wet sand.

Step 3
Pour the sand over the hearth, covering the flames completely. The sand will stop the oxygen supply to the hearth and smother it. Once you feel the hearth is out, stir the sand and await hot spots. Don’t leave the hearth unattended until you're sure it's completely extinguished.

Step 4
Place a bucket of sand in your garage, near your barbecue or beside your campfire. You never know when a fireplace may escape. There are quite 4,000 unnecessary deaths, and 25,000 unnecessary injuries, thanks to fires per annum. A handy bucket of sand poured directly on the flames, is a method to prevent a fireplace before it gets out of control and causes physical harm or property damage.
A fire sand bucket or fire bucket maybe a steel bucket crammed with sand which is employed to place out fires. Typically, fire buckets are painted bright red and have the word ''Fire'' stenciled on them in white lettering. They’re placed in prominent positions in rooms or corridors. They’re a low-technology method of fighting small fires. The most advantages of fireside buckets are that they're cheap, reliable and straightforward to use. the hearth buckets are usually made around the bottom in order that they can't be used for other purposes. Fire buckets are persisted fire bucket stands.
Fire buckets are often kept next to ovens, barbecues, and in government accommodation like army barrack blocks. They’re also commonly found in hyperbaric chambers. Because oil fires are immune to water, a fireplace sand bucket is employed. So as to extinguish the hearth, the sand within the bucket is dumped on the hearth to starve it of the oxygen it must stay alight. This method of fighting liquid fires has generally been replaced by modern foaming agents.

Fire Sand Bucket
Fire Sand Bucket