Fire Hose Reel

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It is essential to understand the difference between the 2 sorts of different reels and what sorts of fires you'll use a fireplace hose for. Hose reels are wont to fight A fires (wood, paper, cloth, etc.), and their function is to provide a continuous and controllable supply of water to a fireplace. Under no circumstances, you ought to use a fireplace hose around oils, petrol, fats or electricity as you risk spreading the hearth or getting shocked.

Fixed Wall Mounted hose Reel- Fixed hose reels are the foremost common type found in New Zealand. It’s permanently attached during a specified location and is plumbed into the existing mains water system. It’s important to stay the wall space on either side beyond clutter therefore the hose reel can move freely just in case of an emergency.

Swing Arm hose Reel- This is almost like the fixed type except the hose reel assembly is mounted on an outsized hinge, and therefore the complete assembly is typically installed during a hose reel cabinet. The benefit to the present hose reel is when it's needed in an emergency, the hinge allows the entire reel to be swung out

How To Use a fireplace Hose Reel- If fitted, break the anti-tamper seal. Turn on the water system at the stop valve. Run the hose out the specified distance to the hearth. It’s not necessary to run the entire hose, unlike lay flat hose. Turn the water on at the nozzle. Direct the stream at the bottom of the hearth. Rewind the hose in even layers. This is often easier to realize when the hose still has water inside. Turn off the water at the stop valve. Close nozzle and replace it into the holder.

Features of fireside Hose Reel:
Side Plates are made from top quality low-carbon steel, powder-coated in Red color
Side Plates 0 D (Diameter) size 560mm
Distance Between two Side Plates are 6 Inches
Water Ways are made up of non - ferrous metal (Aluminium Alloy) for creating it corrosion - free, duly powder coated.
Hose Reel Drum is confirming to ISO, CE
Top-quality Fire Hose is semi-rigid ISI marked (Type -1 & Type-2), CE marked fully finished
FIRE Thermoplastic Hose with 2 years Guarantee.
Fire Hose Colors Available are Red, Black, and Yellow color.
Hose Nominal Bore (ID) is 19mm, 20mm, 25mm as per your requirement.
Hose Length is 20, 25, 30, 36, 40 running meters as per requirement.
Rotary operated, leak-proof Shut-off Nozzle CE marked hydraulically crimped with corrosion - frees chrome steel fitting, shut - off nozzle with shut, spray & jet functions, made from super-tough Polymer Alloy in red color.
1800 double swivel.
Working Pressure as per above 1.2 Mpa (12 Bar).

Commercial Hose Reel Features:
Side Plates - made from high-quality mild steel, powder-coated in Red color
Side Plates 0. 0. (Diameter) - 500mm
Distance between Side Plates - 6 Inches
Water Ways - made up of non-ferrous metal for creating it corrosion-free, duly powder coated.
Hose Reel Drum - Confirming to ISO/CE
Semi-rigid ISI marked (Type-1 & Type-2), High-quality hose reel CE marked fluted finish MITRAS Thermoplastic Hose with 2 years Guarantee.
Colors Available for Hose Red, Black and Yellow color
Nominal Bore (ID) for Hose as per your requirement- 19mm, 20mm, 25mm
Hose Length as per requirement - 20, 25, 30, 36, 40 Meters
Rotary operated, leak-proof, shut off Nozzle
double swivel
Working Pressure commercial hose reel 1.2 Mpa (12 Bar)

Fire Hose Reel
Fire Hose Reel