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Baked by the highly experienced and skilled professionals, we at AGS Technologies are leading manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and dealers of Fire supression System in Pune, Maharashtra. We are offering the best quality fire suppression system to avoid any kind of incidents that can occurred due to fire or flammable liquids.
Whenever fire sprinkler system is not adequate system for the building, then fire suppression system is required to prevent damage of the property. This system include several parts such as indicators or fire detectors, fire alarm and suppression agents which consisting of dry chemical, carbon dioxide and clean agents rather than the water. Fire suppression system is generally used to extinguish or control the large amount of fire that can be out of controlled.
We at the best fire suppression system manufacturer and supplier in Pune, provide the premium quality system to the buildings such as power plants, industries, chemical storage, kitchen in hotels, data centres, IT Parks, complexes, malls, etc.

Why would you choose the best fire suppression system supplier in Pune?

 Installation and maintenance of fire suppression system with best of the market leading prices.
 Depending on the size, area and layout of the buildings, the best fire suppression system supplier provide you right fire system solution.
 Highly experienced, qualified and hard-working team of technicians will be reach at your site on time and begin installation.
 Well-equipped fire suppression system, first detects fire and then alert people the potential of the fire via alarm system and extinguish fire.
 Fire suppression systems are used to prevent the spread of fire in a building or vehicle.
 This fire suppression are highly demanded in various industries to install and maintain proper functioning of various fire systems and we are also offer the fire suppression installation and refilling facility in Pune Maharashtra.
 These are known for reliable performance, optimum functionality, and longer service life and user friendly interface. Moreover, we also ensure that the offer the buy Fire suppression system at the best price in Pune Maharashtra.

What are the different types of Fire suppression system?

1. Clean Agent Fire suppression system: It uses environmentally friendly, odorless, transparent and non-conductor chemical agents
2. Dry chemical fire suppression system: It is used for the industrial process where harmful materials are widely used.
3. Carbon Dioxide fire suppression system
4. Restaurant fire suppression system: this system is generally installed in restaurant’s kitchen where chanced of fire explosion is high due to grease and high flame.

Features & Benefits:

• Best Fire protection systems for wide or commercial areas
• Prevent passages of smokes and high flames
• Group of engineered components
• Isolates oxygen from the fire
• Avoid building damage and injury of people
• Assure people for safe exit plan
• Low installation and maintenance costs
• User friendly interface


Industries, warehouses, restaurants, shopping complexes, parking areas, chemical storage

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