Safety Shoes

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Safety shoes are used for protection of feet to avoid injuries in workplace standards are given by for manufacturing by the director of mines safety and Indian standards for safety shoe manufacturing IS 15268:2010.

Unique features of safety shoes as follows
Quarter lining – breathable for enhanced sweat absorption
Eyelets with high corrosion resistance

Tongue- cushioned with PU foam for extra comfort
Carbon steel / Composite TOE Cap of maximum safety

Vamp Lining- Breathable for enhanced ergonomics
EVA moulded insock for better cushioning
Robust out sale for maximum durability antistatic insole

Polyurethane- The double density PU outsoles in some models of safety shoes provide superb shock absorption and durability, yet light in weight and flexible. Inner layer being softer imparts shock-absorbing properties hence provides increased comfort. The outer layer is denser and harder, hence provides maximum abrasion resistance thereby greatly increasing the life of the sole.
The steel toe caps used in shoes are manufactured from carbon steel. Have a surface finish to make them highly corrosion resistance. Shoe models come incorporated with the special composite toe, which made of high strength polymer. Extremely in lightweight

Toe Caps are tested as per EN standard for safety shoes

2kg weighted block is fallen on the toe it makes 200 joules load impact on and compression load of 15kN. Toes have wide range design for suit all broad size feet as well provide maximum comfort at all levels.

Shoes come with anti-bacteria property to minimize bacteria present in our feet cause odour and harmful skin infection.

Anti-static property charges build up in the body while we work through the day, as a result of various non-conductive materials that rub against us and each other. If we wish to avoid static charges, we must ensure that the charges should not be allowed to build up in the body and should be continuously dissipated into the ground commonly known as earthing. The sole of this shoe is made in such a way that an easy channel is provided to dissipate these static charges to the ground. Electrostatic discharge property as safety shoe is termed to have and ESD property when it is able to dissipate even smaller pockets of charges and electrical resistance from 100 kilo-ohms 35 megaohms. Rapid dissipation of charges due to improved conductivity takes place. Virtually no residual packets of charge remain when using a shoe having ESD property.

The feature used in safety shoes- 100 % grain leather, slip-resistance, antistatic shoe, antibacterial property, oil and fuel resistance sole, toe protection, penetration protection, shock absorbant heel, ankle protection, anti-fatigue, ESD, heat resistance, warm insulation, cold insulation, water-resistant shoe.

Safety Shoes
Safety Shoes