Safety Belt

Height work more challenging job industries like construction, power and various industries it can be lost life and money also.
Solution for that or to avoid fall it is necessary to use a fall protective safety belt.
Safety belt equipment is used in industries as fall protection equipment. In height can injure the human body permanently it the very serious loss of worker and company also.
As per Indian and European nation standards used in practice, we are supplying safety belts.
Nowadays as per comfort and standards safety belt to be combined for human safety. In height working safety belt is used to prevent from fall accident. A safety belt is also called a safety harness or full body harness. It cover worker from fall when working on height safety belt is covered by lanyard with hook. Safety belt having the following parts: Dorsal D-ring, shock absorber, Snap Hook, Shoulder Strap, Chest Strap, Leg Strap.
As per IS 3521:1999 Material used Polyester, Weight 1200 gms, Adjustable chest & thigh straps.
According to applications following types of safety belts or full body harness are used in industries.
1. Full-body harness, for controlled descent - consisting of dorsal & sternal D-ring for fall arrest, this harness is best suited for a controlled descent in confined spaces.
2. Full-body harness, for basic fall arrester- equipped with adjustable chest, shoulder & thigh straps is the basic harness for fall arrest.
3. Full body harness, for positioning- along with all features, has two laterals D-ring at the sides for positioning on the tower.
4. Full body harness, for tower climbing- equipped with all basic feature of the harness is the best to harness for climbing
5. Full-body harness, for tower climbing - with dorsal & sternal D-ring for all arrest, has straight thigh straps for more comfort to the user.
6. Full-body harness, for entry & exit in confined - is the harness specially meant for lowering or rising of personal & rescue in confined spaces.

As per EN 361:2002, some of the new safety harnesses are designed with high visibility safety jacket with mesh for good ventilation. Material used for this Poly-cotton weight 1600 gms with adjustable chest, shoulder & thigh straps.

Equipped with all the basic features of safety harness is built into the highly reflective fluorescent tape. This is comfortable harness also has stitched D-ring window provided at the back of the harness for preventing from slipping into the jacket and has double durable zipper for snug fir. Reflective tapes are stitched to increase visibility.

Equipment used with safety belt when work on height. Tools lanyard- in many cases accidents occurred due to tools used on height work. To minimize these things tools lanyard are designed with bright colored elasticized tubular webbing, having a relaxed length. Lanyard is easily connected to the safety belt and works easily.

Safety Belt
Safety Belt