Safety Equipment

Workplace safety is very important during work in progress to avoid this we have to know safety equipment and its application. In the market have too many options for safety equipment and government also have rules and regulation for workplace safety.
In safety equipment, as follows first part is personal protective equipment
Safety helmet, safety goggles, earplug, ear muffs, face mask, half face mask, full face mask, face shield, safety hood, reflective jackets, boiler suit, dangari, leg guard, knee guard, safety hand gloves, safety shoes.
Work safety equipment as follows
Safety harness, lanyard, lifeline, scab set, paper system, confined spaces safety equipment, a lifeline.

Electrical safety equipment as following
Safety hand gloves, arc protection suit, safety shoes, rescue hook, arc flash suit
Fires safety equipment as follows
Fire extinguisher, fire escape mask, firefighter suit, aluminize suit, Nomex suit, fire blanket, oxygen mask, Safety signage.
All items listed are used as safety equipment in the workplace.
a safety helmet is used for protection of the head from a falling object, safety goggle Are used for protection against dust particle, earplug Is used for noise protection in the workplace, the earmuff is used for protection against noise pollution, face mask Also called as safety mask respirator is used for protection of breathing and lungs, a half-face mask is used in toxic gases and hazardous gases of the workplace, the face shield is used for the production of face and Eyes, safety hood is used for protection of head reflective jackets Are used in the workplace, boiler suit, Are used in boiler areas, leg guard Are used for protection of leg, Knee guard is used for protection of knee, safety hand gloves are used for protection of the hand, safety shoes are used for protection of feet,
The safety harness is also called a safety belt. It is used for height work against fall protection Lanyard is connecting media of harness and fixes place hook, self-contained breathing Apparatus is used oxygen supply in confined space worker. Powered air purifier system is used for a continuous supply of oxygen in confined spaces. Electrical safety hand gloves are used for protection of the human body from live current. Arc flash suit are used work on high voltage substation and power generation plant to protect from earth generated in switching. Rescue hook used to rescue an electrical injured person from live current. Fire escape Mask in fire premises for taking a breath in the smoke area. Uses of this equipment are guided by various authorities of government and respective departments.

Safety Equipment
Safety Equipment