Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are the perfect combinations of safety and comfort we have a range of safety goggles which has self-adjustable to individual head sizes.
We have a wide range of safety goggles as per IS & EN Standard certification.
Features of safety goggles as follows:
1. Scratch resistance lenses- will maintain a clear vision
2. Indoor/outdoor lenses- for use in all condition of light modulations.
3. Sleek and fashionable offering all comfort features.
4. Anti-fog lenses - to make sure that no fogging appears on those models of spectacles that seal the face area.
5. Anti-static lenses
6. Models of spectacles that fit over the prescription glass as well.
7. Redefining the ergonomics - adjustable models to fit one and all.

Types of Goggles and its applications:

1. Clear Lens goggles-
Made from Polycarbonate, light in weight exceptional impact & splash protection with excellent vision

Applications Area -
Construction sites, where dust particles are large and blowing with high speed
Processing industries and machine shops
Models are available with clear lenses- 1. Clear 2. Smoked 3. Clear with anti-fog

Special features-
light in weight about 30 gms it is providing extreme comfort, wrap-around design for high coverage, tested for disinfection, increased robustness, resistant to corrosion and ignition optically test.
2. Welding goggles-
With a sporty look and better comfort features has additional protective quality. Including IR-5 lens, this is the ideal choice for protection of eyes during welding.
Application Areas-
Gas welding operations area where is a molten process of metal.
Available in IR-5 Lens

Special features-
• Hard coated lens for scratch resistance, a poly carbonating lens for integrating the side -shields for perfect protection.
• Soft cushioning pads for more comfort to use all day when working
• Adjustable length to customise the fit on the users head.
• Resistance against corrosion universal nose bridge.

3. Executive goggles-
With nylon frame polycarbonate lens which offers lighter exceptional impact and splash protection and quality vision. the finish comes to fashionable and stylish combined with ultimate eye safety it is the ideal choice for the wearer.
Application is-
Constructions, where dust particles come, are high blowing speed.
Metal processing industries and machine shops.
Options are available in clear, smoked and clear anti-fog.
Special feature
Optical class 1, the hard-coated lens for scratch resistance, smoked lens model also provides optimum protection against harmful UV radiation, high impact resistance, tested at elevated temperature, lens material-poly carbonated, safety with fashionable look enhancing user compliance with specially designed flexible soft nose pad to provide extra comfort. Tested for disinfection, increased robustness, resistant to corrosion, resistant to ignition, optically tested, UV resistant.
Lens scale number: 3-1.2 (clear)
Lens scale number: 5-2.5 (smoked)

4. Prescription goggles-
It is for safety to those who cannot directly put safety goggles or safety eyewear for those we have we are giving prescription goggles easily fits over the prescription frames.
Special features-
Lens material 100 percent polycarbonate, it can easily fit over prescription spectacles, comes with adjustable temples for better fitting to the wearer.

5. Chemical splash goggles-
Providing protection against chemical splashes, it comes with a unique design to wrap around the eye and specialized in the anti-fog lens.

Application area-
Chemical industries, oil industries
Special features-
Available lenses- clear and smoked.
It has soft and wide PVC casing around the frame to ensure 100 percent ceiling of the eyes against chemical and liquid splashes. Arrangement of indirect ventilation site on both the top and bottom parts of the lens to allow for air circulation and it has fully adjustable elastic headband for a good fit.

Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles