Safety Helmet

Protection against falling objects or when working In areas of a restricted head space safety helmet is required. Safety helmets offer the combination of exception comfort, simple addition of personal protective equipment and modern stylish design. Performance and protection prepared for real-life harsh industrial condition, safety helmets minimize and effectively disperse impact forces. Provide all-day comfort equipped with all features of light in weight rigid nature and comfortable in wearing safety helmets can be worn continuously for long durations. Balanced and stable with a secure head harness low profile designs, safety helmets deliver maximum stability and perfect balance.
Safety helmets are designed seamless protects users in combinations with eye, face and hearing protection. Manufactured from using advanced technology material use dvirgin premium grade, UV stabilized polymers with no regrind. Safety helmets are built to withstand the toughest of environment. Safety helmet can be fitted with a variety of additional personal protective equipment such as helmet mountable ear muff, welding screens, steel mesh.
To display your product safety helmet is an ideal product to display your company name and logo with a large branding area we offer professional logo print design for corporate identity.
A safety helmet is made from polypropylene copolymer comes with ventilation slots which can easily adjustable with a shutter to stop water inlet in the rainy season and designed as to manage the flow of rainwater down on the neck. Extra impact protection using extended nape to user’s neck.
Easily detachable clamps replaceable chin strap enables easy replacement of chin strap.
The material used for sweatband which is highly sweat-absorbent, dermatological tested, skin-friendly and anti-skin irritant. It is also easily replaceable, provided with chin cup for additional comfort, chinstrap with adjustable slider buckle.
Test of the helmet as follows which is makes helmet more comfort and safety.
Shock absorption test is performed on the helmet after conditioning at various temperatures as defined in the relevant norms. It is important to ensure that the helmet limits the impact of fore specified limits mentioned the norms.
Penetration Resistance test it is ensured that the helmet withstands a specified penetration force and does not show signs of piercing denting or failure of any its integral parts. Flame resistance test is done on helmets to ensure standard as per en and is. Functionality and performance test are checked to ensure proper finish and functionality. Water absorption by the helmet is under the specified conditions.
Various colour options are available in the helmet as per following Red, Gree, HYD Green, FL Orange, star blue, grey, white, yellow, orange.

Safety Helmet
Safety Helmet