Safety Shower

Safety Shower and eyewash-
Operates independently by pull rod and push the lever, shower made of highly visible ABS Plastics, ISI mark C class GI pipe are used with anti corrosion treatment. SS stay-open ball valve is used with push plate, receptor bowl made of ABS material and resistant to acid, oil and alkali particles. Shower activated by pull rod and eyewash activated after push plate. Design as per IS 10592 Indian standard.
Safety shower and eyewash operates independently by foot lever push plate and pull rod is made from highly visible yellow ABS plastic anti-corrosion treated ISI mark GI pipe with Powder coating abs push plate is attached with SS ball valve. Water inlet as per pipe dimension ISI approved shower design.
6250 SS safety shower and eyewash operate by pull rod push Lever and foot lever made of stainless steel pipe sS 304 pipes with powder coating push plate attached to ball valve sS material used for respirator baul it is highly resistant to acid and acidic water. Provided technology for water is saving and save energy cost-saving floor has a cover which protect from water pressure. I was activated by pressing a foot pedal and push plate, shower activated after pulling rod 6250 SS shower and I wash is ISI approved.
Shower operated by pull rod made of ISI mark GI Pipe with anti corrosion powder coating and highly visible ABS plastic material open SS ball valve shower activated by pull rod design approved by IS 10592.
Emergency Eye and face wash shower fountain operates by push lever made with anti-corrosion powder coated GI pipe and ABS plastic. Valve used ss stay open ball vale activation by push plate design approve by IS 10592.
4710 emergency eyes and face wash fountain operates by push paddle and hand Lever iSI mark g i pipe used which anti-corrosion powder coated yellow abs push plate attached to ss stay-open ball valve. Receptors bowl are made from abs material push plate and foot paddle activated the shower.
Laboratory wall-mounted eye/face wash fountain it is designed for laboratory user does not have an area to stand the safety shower it is an option provided by the safety equipment manufacturer.
As per IS 10592 Pressure and flow as per follows.
Eye/wash fountain 2 kgf/cm2 10LPM
Shower unit 2.81 kgf/cm2 110 LPM
Combination units 2.81 kgf/cm2 110 LPM
Multiple nozzle decontimatin 2.81 kgf/cm2 110 LPM

Safety Shower
Safety Shower