Hand Gloves

Hand protection against chemical, electrical, heat and cut Resistance hand gloves are used.
According to application and production process need to select hand gloves. In industries, all work done by using hand its need to take the protection of worker hand for better work efficiency and productivity of the worker. Gloves are available for each every process of industry like material handling. Gloves using the main purpose to take care of working for hand in various sectors of industries to develop our human life and providing a contribution to development.
Gloves are designed as per the requirement of working or work procedure for industries. According to application hand gloves are designed like household gloves providing hand protection against dust and cleaning of west material. These are designed in rubber material of light use do protection against hand from dust and home west material. These gloves are used for cleaning of home west and kitchen west material those material are food oil and used plates wastage material processed food and fruits.
In chemical industries have a process of various chemical according to the chemical used in that industries glove is used mostly nitrile material gloves are used in that testing laboratories used chemical examination gloves made from latex material. The highly consternated chemical process used nitrile gloves with high-density material and length of these gloves are changes according to the process of industries. For more details please find above type of gloves are used in chemical industries.
Flock lined natural rubber gloves- it having an anti-slip pattern for good grip in wet and dry conditions. Gloves are designed anatomically shaped for comfort pure cotton flock lining are used to absorbing perspiration with extra sensitivity and dexterity. Colour is blue to compliance with FDA regulation for use in repeated contact with food with having the color option as customer requirement pinked cuff for good feels. Length and thickness as follows length 300 mm thicken 0.35. 0.40, 0.45, 0.55, colours are available yellow, blue orange and red.
In the medical sector latex gloves are used for examination in that having option with sterile without sterilized, powdered and without powdered. These gloves are light in weight and made from natural rubber it is used in general purpose and surgical purpose in the medical sector. For laboratories use of these gloves are good and safe.
In furnace industries, temperature resistance glove is used to protect from heat and temperature of boiler and furnace. It is made from aluminums, leather and asbestos material. According to temperature and human interface in process, gloves are available in from temperature range 10 to 1500 degree Celsius. These are manufactured after studying all process and application.
In metal process having sharp ages in the metal block and pieces, it makes injure hand. Minimize these accident and injuries gloves are designed firstly all the process are checked by our experts and we suggest gloves. Gloves are available in according to the application as follows cut resistance range from cut level 1 to 5 and the temperature of surrounding area comforts is provided for the human hand. Cut levels gloves are designed for handling very small components with sharp age’s assembly line primary and secondary, maintenance department, metal sheet handling and logistics warehousing department.

Hand Gloves
Hand Gloves