Safety Mask

The particulate which is entered in our lungs through the breathing process of the human body, to avoid this we need to selection of respiratory protection equipment. Selections of these respirators are easy. For that, we have to need to collect following information from areas where is need condition of areas it is open area closed area whether is having air-conditioned. Availability of oxygen in this area sources of the ventilation production process and working hours of employee.
After selection of appropriate respirator we need to be train users as per application. According to the application we have a large range of respirators as per worldwide standards. The efficiency of respirators is known, marking is provided by appropriate standard giving authority.
There some mask as per standard IS 9623:2008 which Indian standard used for design respirators.

FFP1 Safety Mask is used against particulate or solid dust/liquid
FFP2 Safety mask is used against particulate small micron dust particulate and liquid.
FFP3 Safety mask is used against high efficiency of dust particulate.

It having superior technologies used for micro-fine filter media. Protects suspended particulate matter high dust holding capacity transparent valve for verification of dust. Leakage proof and puncture resistance due to elastic welding on outside filter area. Anti-clogging technologies used for better performance of respirator/ safety mask.

Half face respirator is used for gases and the hazardous area where breathing is difficult and needed for the process. Half face respirator having reusable cartridge it changes time to time. Half face respirator having mainly two type single cartridge and double cartridge. Different type of cartridge is available in the market as per gases. They are following combination for identification of cartridges is divided by color code, hazard type, tested gases following table shows in details.
Size options available in small, medium and large sizes to facilitate most face profile.
Application areas – solvent handling, Tank cleaning, hazardous working areas, paint shops and drug handling workers.
Safety mask is useful in humidify area where particulate in the present atmosphere.
Uses of the mask can be avoid breathing injuries and maintain the process of breathing as standard.
Breathing is a necessary operation for the human body working cycle now uses of the mask is harmful to the human body and life.
Wide range of safety mask is available in market and efficiency of this mask is dependent upon the material used for this mask and material used for manufacturing of mask. The new technique of manufacturing is introduced in the world.

Safety Mask
Safety Mask