Safety Signs

We provide life-saving photoluminescent emergency EXIT/FIRE EXIT signage’s that Indicate Exit path for emergency evacuation, general safety and caution warnings in public buildings, commercials spaces or complexes, houses, Hospitals and medicals, Production Factories, Process Industries, Auditorium, Multiplexes, Star Hotels, Subway Restaurant, Schools building, Aircraft and airports, Hostel buildings, Warehouses and logistics Godawoons, Power plants, Amusement parks Etc. when emergency occurs suddenly electric power lost and that time safety signage’s show the way of exit and route of exit photo-luminescent signage are glow in dark it shows you way and you can follow and get out from building. Important fire safety equipment such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm MCP, Hose Reel Box, Hose Box, Assembly Point Fuseboxes, valves and other important cannot be located. Such a situation leads to an increase in risk to increase manifold. All the signage’s are made with photoluminescent material which illuminates a clear and visible glow when there is darkness due to power cut.
Photo-luminescent material no need for electricity for the emission of glow. This material is eco friendly and non polluting, as it does not cause any heat, flame, electric shock. With exposure to light natural or artificial, this photo-luminescent light is realized to give off luminous glow by the non-toxic chemical. It is waterproof, vapour, explosion-proof, corrosion-proof, mould-proof, fire retardant and non-radioactive.
We strictly follow the above standard for safety signage
INDIAN STANDARDS - IS 9457, IS 12349-198B, IS 13716, IS 1644, ISO 15370, NBC 1983 (SP 7 Part 4)
INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS-ISO 7010, DIN 6750 Part 1-4, IMO resolution A 752 (18), BS 5499-1, ISO 15370, ASTM E 2072-4, NFPA life safety code 101/101B, UL 924, OSHA 1910.37

According to safety instruction following are types of safety signages.
1. Prohibition – No smoking, no lights, do not touch, no walking entry, no handshake, do not hold any types of equipment, smoking strictly prohibited, this is no smoking area, no smoking beyond this point, no naked lights, no matches, no naked flames, no naked flames beyond this point, no entry, do not enter, no admittance, no access, an authorized person only, no entry unauthorized person, do not operate, do not drink, no exit.
2. Safety –first aid, emergency equipment, emergency shower, stretcher, smoke hood, emergency stop, emergency eyewash, safe for entry, drinking water, escape route, break glass in case of emergency, emergency telephone, emergency exit, assembly point, life jacket, escape folder, way out, emergency evacuation chair, electrical equipment.
3. Direction- exit, fire exit, slide open, push to open, uses the staircase in case of fire.
4. Fire equipment- fire extinguisher, MCP, hose reel, call point, fire phone, fire hydrant, fire blanket, foam inlet, escape plan.
5. Mandatory- wear a helmet, gloves, shoes, jacket, earplug, earmuff,
6. Warning- danger, high temperature, acid, compressed air, toxic gases, hazard area
7. Combination
8. General- reserved, staff toilet, HUB room, office, pantry, ups room, conference hall, floor indicator,
9. Aqua safety
10. IMO Safety
11. IMO fire control
12. Deck and engine room
13. Passenger vessel and terminal
14. Space indication
15. Rout marks (DOTs)
16. Tapes

Safety Signs
Safety Signs